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Craftsman & Equipment Rental Services in Augusta, GA. 


Handyman Evans has several services.  We have been serving the Augusta, Ga. area since 1994. The title, Handyman can cover many trades. Please call and ask if we specialize in the services you need. Were here to help you fix the broke!

Craftsman & Equipment Rental Services in Augusta, GA. 


We can't do everything but we can be honest with you when you. Call today and see if we can help you fix the broken.

TV Wall Mounting

 Same-day TV mounting service is available! 

TV and Home Theater Services

We can mount your TV to a wall, connect your video devices and much more.

Door Installation

Residential door and window replacement.

Septic Tank Utility Location

Septic tank and underground utility location.

Network Junction Box Wi-fi Repair

Some examples are TV, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Audio, and Security.

Appliances Installation

Installing, microwave, stove, gas range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, garbage compactor, and warming drawers.

Dump Trailer Rentals

These trailer only require one person to operate the controls for unloading.

Sink Repair

Understand the most common causes for undermount kitchen sinks losing their seal

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