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Handyman Evans
Craftsman in Augusta, GA 

Looking for someone to take care of your home repairs and maintenance needs? A handyman might just be what you need! These skilled professionals are experts in a wide variety of tasks, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and more. With a handyman, you can get small repairs, installations, and upgrades taken care of quickly and efficiently, without having to hire a specialized technician. Don't let those nagging home repairs pile up - hire a handyman to help you keep your home in top shape!

Repair vs Replace
Hamdyman Evans Porch


Long ago it was a matter of having the skills to perform handyman jobs and/or construction projects and offering your skills where needed. Today, however, each state has its own set of laws regarding the training and license acquisition for an individual or company looking to be in the handyman business.  We have been serving the Augusta, Ga. area since 2001. The title, Handyman can cover a lot of trades. Please call and ask if we specialize in the services you need. We're here to help you fix the broken!


Keeping a Home in Good Repair

Repairing a home can pay significant dividends when it’s time to sell. Buyers often look for homes that require few repairs, and no one wants a deal to fall apart because the home inspector found an issue the buyers can’t stomach. A little prevention can spare you from the pain of watching a buyer walk away.

Given the Option

Few of us would volunteer to spend a Sunday on a ladder pulling leaves out of a gutter. But when your home is your biggest investment, as it is for most Americans, maintaining it is a must. Home maintenance can feel like a daunting chore, particularly for a new homeowner. But it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. A home operates with the seasons, coming to life in the spring and hunkering for winter. Follow this natural arc all year long, and keep on top of the small stuff, and your house will run like a well-oiled machine.

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